Cats Sleep Patterns: Everything you Need to Know!

You can consider cats as creatures of habit or anyhow, they are of no habits. So, this is your turn to figure out this tricky creature.

How are cats sleep patterns?

If you see the endearing little face of your cat before you put out the lamp, or you may wake up in the morning when the broad daylight appears and see that they jumped over the bed or moving through the edge of your window.

These are actually nothing unusual situations your cat is showing, according to  feline behaviorist, Mr. Jane Ehrlich.

As the sun moves around your house and it comes in different windows, your cat will often move to follow the sun for daytime sleeping. More warmth equals less energy spent by your kitty keeping warm.

 Their desire can fluctuate at the drop of a hat. As a caregiver like a mom or a dad, this is your job to constantly monitor their behavioral change at every hour how they can be pleased.

You can observe the sleeping pattern of a cat as one of most important aspect of his day. Can’t wait to tell you‍ again how much the cat usually sleeps. reveals the average sleeping hours of cat ranges from 12-16. But for kittens and older, you can see even more. To learn more visit why your kitten sleeps so much.

So, this is so important for you to make sure your cat find a suitable place to sleep where your cats feel safe, sound and comfortable.

So, the place where it is sleeping is crucial for you to find out. The good news about your cat is that, virtually it can sleep anywhere. But which one could actually be the best place for sleep? This is a vital question to answer.

Is there any bed specially designed for cat considered as their own cat bed? Do cat like to sleep with you? Has there any differences between kitten and older cats in terms of bedding materials?

This is what you should know as a cat owner.

Before, going the main topics, one more thing to discuss that is about their sleeping habit in brief for better understanding about the creatures.

As already discussed above about cat’s sleeping time, the message is that, you don’t need to worry about if you see him sleeping a lot. Because, it doesn’t indicate if the cat is lazy or suffering from any diseases.

When you become experienced in cat husbandry, you will then understand the reason behind this. Why?

You need to understand the crepuscular nature of cats that means they are neither nocturnal nor diurnal. But you will find them in most active during sunset to dawn. Then we the human being prefer to rest down and simultaneously your cats are gearing up!

Keep in mind, cats store energy during their sleep, a very good night vision power. This is the characteristics features of ancestors like wildlife cats which our domestic cats still can pose. This makes them enable to perform their hunting activities.

One more thing to mention that, though the cats sleep a lot, their sleeping mostly is of light type, not worth to tell them a deep sleeper, you might heard the word “catnap”.

So, when you see them sleeping too much, still they capable to jump for any immediate action with just the notice of a moment.

So, we can interpret their sleeping in such a way that, cats rest or sleep recurrently throughout the day.

Where cats like to sleep

Your beloved cats prefer to sleep in somewhat safer and higher place. But make sure the place is comparatively darker and warmer.

You may think, in spite of buying an expensive cat’s bed, still why does it tend to sleep hither and thither moving around the floor space randomly.

If you give a closer look, you might observe your cat to move through the hot water line at your house as a better place to sleep with nice and toasty feelings.

The laundry is another place where cats find comfortable to sleep. Laundry means, the dirty clothes that you deposited together for wash.

Do you know the reason why your cats like so? As you use those clothes for your everyday dresses, your cats find your body smell attached those clothes. This is what the cat behavior experts assume.

But, for other cats, they feel comfort the place as safe and warm where clean dresses are kept.

Anyhow, whether the place can be a box, even a suitcase or the laundry pile, your cats like to rotate the sleeping places according to their desire and this is considered as the normal behavioral approach of cats.

An example for African wildcat, you can see them to regularly change their sleeping place as behavioral aspect that helps them keep safe from external parasites like ticks, lice and fleas etc.

 You can check cat’s behavior area to learn more if you want.

Any places seemed as comfortable and warm; your cat will usually tend to take a nap over there. You will find a wide range of cat beds available in the market, for example hammocks for the radiator, igloo beds or at least you can provide a cardboard box with a soft delicate blanket inside.

If they rotate in their sleeping area, make sure they are not disturbed during sleeping. Sometimes, cats can remain asleep with their owner’s lap and if you continue to stroke them wrongly feeling that he is awake, it can cause a serious negative impact. Most cases, they will be surprised what’s happening there, could defensively react taking as threat.

However, both domestic and wild cats love to sleep up high. This might be on the shelf or cabinet, wardrobe or any almirah of your house. They generally tend to move towards higher place by jumping or climbing. In terms of safety and security, they choose so. Because, predators cannot be able to sneak them once saying in a higher place.

Your cat also likes to sleep in a semi enclosed place as you see readymade cat house or cardboard box sold in the market.

Practically, if you can afford around $300, this could be a better option to buy a cardboard for your cat as a beautiful cat bed.

Another one of most preferred place for cats is to sleep with you under the warm covers or beneath the top of the bed. As you are like his mom or dad, he feel safest place to sleep with you. Your cat will get more warmth in this case if you allow him to sleep with you.

If there is more than one pet at your house, your cat will take the chance to sleep with other animals as well.

The important thing is that, they expect almost a very quiet environment at your home out of the way area where they won’t be disturbed.

Where does your cat like to sleep? Already discussed a lot. Few more areas to note.

May be on the area of your pillow or an easy chair near to your bed. Or, it may position herself even against the closed door to your bedroom, or could be in her own cardboard box.

Lastly, according to the result of a recent online survey, the following facts were published regarding the places of cat’s preference where they like most to sleep.

  • Around 96% of cat owners permit cats to sleep in their bedroom.
  • Cat owners allowed about 50% of those cats to sleep in the bed.
  • Out of those number, 38% of cats are allowed to sleep on pillow with owner.

It is to note that younger cats like the pillow more whereas the older cats choose to sleep toward the foot of your bed.

To sum up – as cats likes warm and cozy places make sure your cats find the place safe and comfortable with right temperature. It wants high shaded sleeping place during warm weather where she likes to stretch out.

On the other hand, during winter, she look for warm sunshine places or near the source of any heat generating materials. There it may curl up with face between the paws to reduce his body heat loss.

Why do cats like to sleep with you?

The simple answer to this question is, your body smell as your own baby feel to recognize. Your cat also love your body smell by identifying the same way.

You don’t know your cat already made a bond to you because you are providing all necessary care to him like a great caregiver from the sky. So, why wouldn’t it?

There are also some other reasons why cats prefer to sleep with you. And it’s quite natural! If your cat sleeps like a solo sleeper, does it mean something wrong? Nope.

Nothing to get worry about this if it sleep alone not with you in the bed or even in your room according to Ehrlick, a cat behavior expert.

As you know, cat personality can vary from individual to individual like human being. Ehrlick explained by putting cats into three categories and she practically categorized so for observation.

One is – there are cats known as people cat, another one are termed as cat’s cat and the third group belongs to those group who like to stay or walk alone.

All of these, really depend on the mood of the cats how they made linkage with you and how you behave with them specially when they stirs around at night.

However, among these three category, cats from “people cat” are the one who likes your closeness. More likely they could jump into the bed at night where you sleep.

At the same time, even though cats like you, they still can change their option to sleep not with you, but in other place. This can happen due to wrong temperature or the sheets aren’t soft enough or they can feel the presence of other animals outside the window.

According to Ingrid Johnson, a certified cat behavior consultant echoes those feeling telling that cats all are individuals. Each one usually express their sentiments differently whether or not your little friend likes to snooze with you or enjoy hanging out at the daylight hours. These all depends on their levels of socialization and personalities.

Actually, the impact of different cat breed are not playing the major role for such individual variation because they are domesticated recently not for long before. So, a very little manipulation can be seen comparing the way how dogs behave. Because, you must confess that a cat is always a cat. You can change the color of their coat, the hair length but really they’re still like the state how they were since the ancient time.

If you like to pass more snuggle time with the cat, you need to move slowly to let them set their pace. You need to allow them to come to you to make more affectionate. Once they come near you, reward them. Play with him, with petting, with treats – but remember, not too much.

If you allow cats like those approach, gradually they will be much more confident and comfortable – no doubt.

However, keep in mind- any interaction done with the cat, make sure this should come at their own pace, no necessarily from your end.

When cats comes to you, make up your mind that there must a certain agenda taking which the cats came to you. You should not put a hand out to pet it, don’t lean forward unless placing a signal what the cats wants.

This is how, a natural bonding could develop in between you as you are his a very good parent in terms of paying proper care or attention. Watch his body language carefully, extend your hand to reward him, a warm words, a treat – when he comes to you. Allocate time for him.

On the other hand, if you cuddly cat normally stops sleeping with you in the bed, you must pay attention to find out the possible reason behind this. Notice if any changes affects your pretty cats- is there any new baby or new pets in the house like this.

Johnson states that cats are creatures of habit, and truly ingrained in routine. If you find any sudden change in doing something different or unusual, you can take other things into consideration.

For example – does he eat well or is there any vomiting, drinking plenty of water?

Try to get such answers and make an appointment to consult with a vet.

Does cat need a bed to sleep?

Actually, any such prescribed bed is not necessary needed for your lovely cats. For example, a sheep skin or a fuzzy polar tech throw or just the dry flannel sheets all can work beautifully.

But definitely, you need to ensure cat bed made up of soft materials that can produce warmth.

If you want your cat to sleep in a particular place, one way to induce this is by putting some cat nip in his bed. Most cats like those cat nips as it work like an attractant materials. Your cat will go and try to play by hanging around the cat nip. A varieties of cat nips are available in the market you can choose.

You can observe many kind of special places with beautiful beds set up in houses where cat lives in household environment. There might have 3 or 4 beds for even 1 cat at a house. The main purpose behind this is to serve them to our level best to provide a perfect option for sleeping.  

A veterinarian completed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from Bangladesh Agricultural University. I worked for more than 12 years as a veterinary surgeon for Bangladesh Govt. During this time, I got the opportunity to work with pets. I bear a keen interest in pets by sharing my knowledge and experiences. Till now I am working in Dept. Livestock Services, Bangladesh.

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