Why it is important to vaccinate your cat? A brief overview!

Do you know why is it important to vaccinate your cat? As you already started to adopt a cat or planning a new cat to make your next family member.

This is obviously a very nice idea to have the opportunity to pass your leisure time with cats. Because it has the magic to make you so close and affectionate with her. You will get to know how much unconditional love and joyful feelings it brings not only to you but all of your family members as well.

So, why not you will take proper health care to her? You must be aware of this like that of your family members.

A lot of responsibilities will come when you adopt a cat at your home other than its natural free-moving environment. Out of those, vaccination against specific diseases is one the most important responsibilities you must pay attention to.

And when you go for vaccination, you need to know why it is important to vaccinate your cat. This can help develop awareness about this issue. Please keep in mind that, cat vaccination is necessary not for a single disease. It is done against multiple diseases which are most commonly seen to affect.

In this article, being a veterinarian I shall talk about covering this topic. I mean why do cats need to get vaccinated?

Let’s explore it!

Why is it important to vaccinate your cat?

First, let us try to understand what the vaccine is and how it is produced. Vaccines are a kind of preparation or a substance that is applied for stimulating the body’s immune system against diseases.

Vaccines are produced using particular pathogens or microbes against which you like to develop immunization in your body. Immunization means creating a preventive mechanism for specific diseases within the body system by producing antibodies. And this antibody becomes a part of the body’s defense system to fight against pathogens.

Now, you need to understand how the vaccine is produced.

Before answering this, you should know another vital message. That is, there are two parts of any microbe. One is the pathogenic part responsible for producing disease in the body. Another one is the antigenic part which has no role in disease formation. You can call it an inactive part of the microbes.

However, mostly, vaccines are produced utilizing the inactive part of the pathogens which is known as the antigenic part.

Now that, you got know the basic idea about vaccines. So, what’s the function of the vaccine after injecting it into the body?

The answer is very easy if you can recall your memory during going through the definition of vaccine as mentioned above.

Again I am telling you, the role of the vaccine is to trigger the body’s immune system in order to produce antibodies against that specific disease for which vaccination was done.

So, up to now, another clear message became understandable is – one vaccine for one particular disease. In such a way vaccine is produced.

Now, come to the main point to discuss why is it important to vaccinate your cat.

As we know proverbs – “Prevention is better than cure”. Once you take proper preventive measures, the chance of getting affected with diseases will be very low. Hence, your economic cost will also become less correspondingly. Because, if the disease developed, the total treatment cost will become significantly higher.

Moreover, there is every chance to die if your cats will be affected by any fatal diseases.

Keep in mind, there are some viral diseases out there for which there is no specific treatment option. Only treatments can be given which are supportive.

And, in the case of cats, the mortality rate is considerably higher once affected by those fatal viral diseases.

Therefore, this is undoubtedly wise to adopt a vaccination schedule always to protect your cats. This can save both the life as well as huge economic loss.

What are the benefits of cat vaccination?

From the above discussion, you might have understood the reason why is it important to vaccinate your cat. Now, I’ll talk about a few benefits of cat vaccination.

Actually, there are important benefits to vaccinating your cats. I am summarizing here a few important benefits of vaccination for your cats. Please have a look below-

  • This can help protect your cat’s life.
  • It will save you money at a significant level. Because some other complications usually can arise once your cat becomes affected by diseases. And, in this case, the total treatment cost will be much higher.
  • This can save your life too. There are some diseases that are zoonotic as nature. Zoonotic diseases are those diseases that are transmitted from animal to human. For cats, there are such zoonotic diseases that can affect you easily, for example, rabies.
  • During outside movement, your cat will remain protected.
  • In some states, vaccinations are ruled mandatory. In this case, you can incur a loss by providing a fine if not vaccinated.

Are there any side effects to vaccinating your cat?

Any type of veterinary or medical intervention is associated with risk according to the statement of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

But, the important thing is that you have weighed the benefit-risk ratio in terms of saving the life of your pets, family, and community people. If the benefit becomes higher than that of the risk associated with vaccine intervention, this will be wise to adopt it, otherwise not.

However, the good news is that the vast majority of pets don’t show any side effects during vaccination. They respond well.

Still, the most common adverse effects found after vaccination are on a short-term basis or mild types.  Critical reactions are found in very rare cases.

For example, you can notice a kind of swelling around the vaccination area like tumor growth called sarcomas. This can develop within a week or months.

However, the frequency of these post-vaccination issues can be reduced as well by adopting new vaccination techniques or procedures.

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Bottom line

The number of fatal diseases for cats is not too much. Only three to five diseases are there for which you should take vaccination measures. All of those are of viral origin. This means the causal agent of those diseases is the virus. As you know, there is no specific treatment for viral diseases. No effective antiviral drugs haven’t yet been discovered till today. So, if you don’t take preventive measures adopting vaccination, there will have every chance to develop the disease. And, once your cat will be affected by any of those fatal diseases, there is a possibility to transmit it to other healthy pets or even you. Chances to die are equally remaining over there.

So, the decision is yours if you vaccinate your cats or not.

Hope you got the message from this content about why is it important to vaccinate your cat. If you have any questions from the above discussion, please feel free to contact us or put your valued comment for further clarification.

A veterinarian completed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from Bangladesh Agricultural University. I worked for more than 12 years as a veterinary surgeon for Bangladesh Govt. During this time, I got the opportunity to work with pets. I bear a keen interest in pets by sharing my knowledge and experiences. Till now I am working in Dept. Livestock Services, Bangladesh.

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